Ken Edmundson
ShortTrack CEO

Ken Edmundson is a multi-level business thinker. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of the Edmundson Northstar Business Research and Training Institute, a firm recognized with unique skills in the development of business strategy, leadership and management training, as well as customized employee assessments for companies across a multitude of industries.

Ken is also the creator and Chairman of ShortTrack CEO, the first business management system designed by CEOs for leadership teams of midmarket companies. The ShortTrack program is designed to put a CEO on the fast track to reshape their strategy to build tangible, measurable and lasting value in their company. He also serves as Chairman Emeritus of LEDIC Management Group, a company that he has been intimately involved in growing and developing over the last 20 years. He led LEDIC’s growth to be one of the most successful multifamily real estate property fee management companies in the U.S. For eight years Ken owned and grew one of the world’s largest and most respected certified sales training centers for the Sandler Selling System. He trained over 5,000 sales professionals in five countries.

For seven years Ken held the highly respected position of Chair for Vistage International, the world’s largest member organization for CEOs. Ken is a highly trained and sought after mentor and trainer for CEOs of midmarket and emerging companies. Prior to his position at LEDIC, he was a shareholder in Dunavant Enterprises, Inc., the 82nd largest privately held company in Forbes List of Top 100 Private Companies where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Dunavant Development Corporation, a real estate development company, and was President and Chief Operating Officer of Memphis Aero Corporation, a subsidiary of Dunavant Enterprises, a successful chain of general aviation fixed based operations and the world’s largest distributor of Piper aircraft parts. His success in building large, employee motivated sales and service companies has led to his recognition as a prominent author, speaker, teacher and trainer.